WP5 - Assessment of Ecosystem Pest Management and Pollination

Assessment of Ecosystem Pest ManagementFunctional agro-biodiversity and their interactions/impacts on production and productivity of target crops will be studied in this work package. Agro-biodiversity in this case refers to the relationship between or status of insect pests and their natural enemies, pathogens, pollinators, soil engineers, decomposers etc. CHIESA has also selected target crops to feature in the research, namely maize, coffee, avocado and crucifers (green leafy vegetables).

The purpose of this WP is to increase the knowledge base among the local communities and partner institutions in the three target countries to address climate change issues. Furthermore, research programmes and technologies to assess the risks and impacts of climate and land use change on agro-ecosystems will be initiated and investigated.





Dr. Subramanian Sevgan - WP Leader

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