Rural Communities

The rural communities in the three study areas are the first level beneficiaries of the CHIESA Project. This is because they are directly affected by climate variability and climate change impacts in their production and use of ecosystem services.

The direct benefits of the Project to the community include insect pest management and the development of climate change adaptation strategies. CHIESA project benefits are especially aimed at the women in the said communities, as they are the key players in the maintenance of food security in their homes and communities.

Rural Communities

Extension Agents

The extension agents have the responsibility of educating the farmers in local communities on how to carry out successful agriculture.

These agents include agriculture, livestock, environment, forestry and hydrology officers who work directly with the communities. Through CHIESA, extension agents will acquire relevant climate change information and tools, all of which will be useful in the services they offer to the community.

Government Institutions

Government institutions are beneficiaries of CHIESA findings by virtue of their direct involvement in the project as partners.

These institutions will be provided with information to support decision making and policy formulation regarding climate change. They will also participate in the provision of early warning systems for changes in ecosystem services; obtain climate models and vulnerability risk maps, which may assist in better land use planning.

Extension agents












National Research Organizations

National research organizations which are stakeholder partners in the project will benefit from the project results through workshops, publications and the internet. However, other organizations not directly linked to CHIESA can also benefit from the research findings.

National research orgs


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