The CHIESA Project consortium consists of the overall coordinator, the International Center of Insect Physiology and Ecology (icipe), and four lead partners which are responsible of technical and scientific management of the respective Work Packages. In addition, there are 25 local and regional research institutes, universities and other stakeholders participating in the implementation of the Project.

icipe leads two research components of the project on Assessment of Ecosystem Pest Management and Pollination and on Elaboration of Adaptation Strategies. The former studies functional agro-biodiversity, such as insect pests and their natural enemies, pathogens, pollinators, and their interactions/impacts on production and productivity of target crops – maize, coffee, avocado and crucifers – along the altitudinal gradients of the study areas. The results will be used in capacity building activities to increase the knowledge base among the local communities as well as national agricultural research institutions and other stakeholders to address climate change issues. The latter focuses on development of instruments, technologies, and practices that are needed to decrease the vulnerability of rural communities to the vagaries of climate change. These adaptation tools and strategies will build on distinct bodies of knowledge from the other WPs produced in close collaboration with the beneficiaries (including local communities in target areas), as well the ongoing core work of all the other partners.

icipe is also responsible of disseminating the main results and supporting the communities, extension agents and authorities to apply them into practice. Sustainability of the project results will be ensured by excessive training of project partners and stakeholders, as well as farmers in the communities in target areas. The project will disseminate results through a combination of interactive dissemination outlets and extension approaches (training materials, meeting, field days, radio, TV) and modern technologies (websites and village resource centers).



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