Taita Hills Multi-stakeholder Forum,May 2017

The first Multi-stakeholder Forum under the AFERIA project was held recently in the Taita Hills. In line with the project goal of disseminating recent findings on climate change adaptation, the agenda of this forum was to communicate the key results of the scientific synthesis carried out under the project and further inform how these results will be useful in the design and implementation of climate-smart landscapes in Taita Hills. 

Capacity building for sustainability: Agriculture extension officers trained on IPM

Research findings from the CHIESA project indicate that due to the changing climate, increasing temperatures are projected to worsen the impacts of insect pests on staple and cash crops, such as stem borers on maize, coffee berry borers and coffee stem borers on coffee, diamondback moths on crucifers, and fruit flies on avocado and citrus which will adversely affect food security and livelihoods of small-scale farmers on the highlands and montane regions of eastern Africa. 

First capacity building training held by former CHIESA PhD student

The CHIESA/AFERIA capacity building sessions, facilitated by former PhD students of the CHIESA project, commenced with five-day training on “Soil carbon stock trends in Taita Hills explored using R statistics and QGIS”.


Essay Competition launched to mark International Mountain Day 2016

The AFERIA Project has launched an essay competition in honor of the International Mountain Day 2016


Community-based Climate Change Adaptation Plans for Jimma, Taita Hills and Kilimanjaro

The impacts of climate change are quite evident now. The changing weather patterns have affected ecosystem services and food security worldwide. The rural communities that rely on these ecosystems for their livelihoods are most affected. One interesting thing is that the communities posses knowledge and information of their localities that can be useful in developing strategies to adapt to the changing climate.

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