Art exhibition raises money for indigenous trees.

To mark the World Water Day 2015 which was globally celebrated on 22 March, the CHIESA Project  organized an environmental art exhibition and auction at the icipe’s Duduville campus in Nairobi between 16th to 20th March. The week long exhibition attracted many colleagues from within the campus and guests from other international organizations.















Water is an essential component for the continued existence of human kind.  The demand for water keeps increasing with the growing population however its availability is adversely threatened by the effects of climate change.  Mountain and highland ecosystems plays a vital role in the provision of water. Mountain glaciers and lakes provide water storage, and mountain forests facilitate water retention to prevent floods and erosion during high precipitation events. Mountains and highlands also provide fertile soils and habitats for flora, fauna, and sustain high biodiversity, among other functions.


The drawings exhibited were from previously held art competitions organized by the project with the themes “My Mountain, My home “and “Water for life”. One of the goals of CHIESA is to increase knowledge on climate change effects and develop the adaption capacity of different stakeholders in the research areas.Several studies have estimated that the effects of climate change on the availability of water resources will continue to be felt long into the future. Involving the youth is one of the ways to prepare them to deal with the projected effects of climate change. These competitions aimed to enhance understanding and raise awareness of young people on the importance of the mountains and water for life.

The drawings were auctioned after the exhibition and with this; Ksh 12,200($132.95) was raised. The proceeds from this auction will be used to buy indigenous tree saplings for the participating schools. Planting the indigenous trees with the students in the school grounds will come full circle as they used board paper (a wood pulp product) for making the drawings. This is also in line with the objectives of the CHIESA project to increase knowledge on climate change mitigation and to increase the climate change adaptation capacity of the local communities.

 View more drawings here


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