Creating awareness through art and tree planting activities with pupils

During the year 2015, CHIESA has been active in disseminating adaptation strategies in the project research areas. One of the target audience for the climate change information has been school children and their teachers. The school children have been involved in three annual art competitions from 2013 to 2015 with the themes “My Mountain, My home”, “Water is life” and “Climate changes but I can make a difference”. The aim of these art competitions was to create awareness and enhance understanding of climate change, its causes, impacts, mitigation and adaptation among the younger generation. It was also hoped that these activities will spark interest on environmental issues among the children and help them begin to understand, from a local perspective, causes and impacts of climate change. 

Read more on the art exhibitions here.

Through the component on “Information dissemination”, CHIESA organized exhibitions where the artwork from the students was exhibited in Malta, Finland and the UK, auctioned and sold during the 2015 World Water Day. The proceeds from the auction were used to purchase indigenous trees that were planted in the participating schools

Tree planting activities in Moshi, Tanzania.

The tree planting exercise was carried out in 14 schools in Taita hills, Kenya; Jimma highlands, Ethiopia and Moshi, Tanzania. A total of 580 trees were planted in the three areas. The tree planting exercise involved teachers and students from the schools and representatives from the CHIESA project.

Tree planting activities in Taita Hills, Kenya 

The tree planting events also incorporated awareness creation on the role of forests in carbon sequestration, provision of habitats for various species and sustenance of important ecosystem services. The schools were then presented with certificates of participation. Planting the indigenous trees with the students in the school grounds comes full circle as they used board paper (a wood pulp product) for making the drawings.

Activities in Jimma Highlands, Ethiopia.

The CHIESA Project works closely with schools and local communities in Kenya, Tanzania and Ethiopia to develop ecosystem-based approaches to climate change adaptation in the agriculture-forest mosaics of East African Mountains. Using art in environmental education offers young people a way to interpret and depict their environmental experiences and translate thoughts and observations into shapes. This is also in line with the objectives of the CHIESA project to increase knowledge on climate change mitigation and to increase the climate change adaptation capacity of the local communities.


View more pictures of the tree planting activities here

View more drawings from the students here

Watch the video of the tree planting activities below

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