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Media coverage is a great contributor to the public opinion, perception and understanding of issues affecting the society. The media therefore, has an important responsibility of promoting public awareness and shaping attitudes on the critical issues of climate change. Media further, plays a crucial role as an intermediary between the science of climate change and citizen’s perception by providing a foundation for informed  civil discourse.

Participants of the CHIESA Climate Change Reporting training, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Many media practitioners desire an improved understanding of the causes, consequences, and potential solutions to climate change. To increase their capacity to address climate change issues, CHIESA organized a three-day climate change reporting training for journalists in Ethiopia at ILRI-Ethiopia campus in Addis Ababa. The training brought together sixteen journalists representing both the private and government-owned media houses from Addis Ababa and Jimma. The objective of this course was to enhance media understanding of, and nurture better communication and media coverage on climate change.


Dr Belay Simane of Addis Ababa University discussing the concepts of climate change.

The first session of the training was on the basic concepts of climate change that included: weather and climate; climatic variability and climate change; Greenhouse gas emissions; causes of climate change (human-induced); climate change adaptation and mitigation; impacts of climate change with respect to the economy and natural resources and the various stakeholder groups i.e., rural, urban (local, national, international) and the Ethiopia Climate-Resilient Green Economy Strategy. The aim of this session was to create an understanding of the main concepts of climate change to better communicate the same to the diverse audience groups. The remaining sessions addressed the political economy of climate change; the global and national policies that dealt with issues of climate change and reporting on climate change.The training was facilitated by Dr.Negeri Lencho , Head of Communication at Addis Ababa University and formerly a media practitioner with a wealth of experience in the Ethiopian media . The sessions on climate change basics was delivered by Dr Belay Simane a professor at Addis Ababa University with experience in climate change and environmental issues.


Left: Dr Negeri Lencho of Addis Ababa University, discussing on climate change framing Right: Participants working on their stories.

To immediately put into practice the lessons learnt, the participants had a half day trip to the Entoto Mountains in Addis Ababa where they worked in teams of three to interview the local people on climate change and develop stories. Please view some of the stories developed from this exercise here.


Field work involved interviewing the local people at Entoto mountain on the impacts of climate change


At the end of the training the participants decided that as a way forward they would form a network of the participating journalists and would use this opportunity to share information and experiences. They selected among themselves two representatives to lead this process.











Participants receive certificates of participation from Dr. Melaku of icipe-Ethiopia.


Please click here to view more photos of the training.


Below is some of the feedback from the participants


"The main lessons I have learnt is on the importance of framing in climate change reporting and will use this new skill to develop more impactful stories and give more priority to climate change issues related to Ethiopia"

Betelhem, Ethiopia News Agency


"I have learnt about climate change adaptation and mitigation and this information is useful to me as I report on development issues in the country".

Abebe, Ethiopian Herald Newspaper


"I have now understood the concept of climate change and my responsibility as a journalist to create awareness. These lessons are relevant as we have a program on environmental issues and this information will be useful for content production".

Afework, Fana Broadcasting Corporation, Jimma branch


"The issues discussed over the three day will enable me to manage my editorial responsibilities with a better sense of understanding. It also provided me with story ideas and concerns to be prioritized".

Zeryihun, Ethiopia Broadcasting Corporation Radio






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