A Natural History of the Wild Fruits of Taita Hills, Kenya

A Natural History of the Wild Fruits of Taita Hills Kenya is a resource book developed from a year-long survey carried out between November 2011 and October 2012. In this book we present a natural history of the wild fruits of the Taita Hills in south-eastern Kenya based primarily on this survey. The book includes data on the fruits themselves and on the insects reared from them. Because the summarized results of the survey are presented largely in visual form, the book can also be used as a field guide. The survey and the compilation of this book were made possible with funding from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland through the Climate Change Impacts on Ecosystem Services and Food Security (CHIESA) project.

The goal of this survey was to document the altitudinal, temporal, and habitat distributions of fruits of non-wind-dispersed plant species and the insects (both pests and beneficial parasitoids) that are associated with them. These data will provide the information required to assess the effects of global warming as it impacts the relationship among fruit, pest, and parasitoid. Of prime importance will be the potential increase (or decrease) in the exposure of cultivated fruits to insect attack.


The book is available for viewing and free download here

Front cover of the CHIESA Book

The survey and the publication of this book was funded by The Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland

Authors: Robert Copeland (icipe); Quentin Luke (East African Herbarium) and Juliet Wangithi Muriuki (icipe)
















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