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Volume 6, Issue No. 2, 2016 AFERIA project commences (Pg.8)

New initiative on climate change adaptation 



The Organic Farmer 

Issue 111  ICIPE helps farmers to cope with climate change 

Issue 130 Farmers need to know how to cope with climate change


Majira Newspaper

Majira Swahili Newspaper

Majira Swahili Newspaper

Majira Swahili Newspaper


Standard Newspaper 

January 2013 Sh 53m for climate change research by Renson Mnyamwezi

May 2016, Coffee farmers to benefit from probe on pests and disease by Micheal Gikanda


 Mountain partnership website 

Mountain Partnership is an umbrella alliance that brings together groups and organisations to work towrads a common goal of improving the lives of mountain people and protect mountain environments around the world.


April 2015  Art for mountain conservation in Kenya 

August 2015 Adapting to climate change in Taita Hills

April 2016 Project to help mountain farmers in East Africa


Peak to Peak newsletter

Peak to Peak is a monthly newsletter of The Mountain Partnership

 Issue 79  April 2015 - Communities take charge of climate strategies 


Science Development Network (SciDevNet)

SciDev.Net is one of the world’s leading source of reliable and authoritative news, views and analysis on information about science and technology for global development. Its mission is to help ensure that science and technology has a central role and positive impact on sustainable development and poverty reduction in the global South.

May 2012  Impact of climate on mountain ecosystems under scrutiny  by Gilbert Nakweya

June 2015 Les insectes menacent la sécurité alimentaire en Afrique  Written in French by Rivonala Razavison


 Tabianchi Blog

Swahili blog that deals with  climate change issues, natural resources and tourism in East Africa

 Mabadiliko ya tabianchi yanavyoleta wimbi la magonjwa na wadudu kwenye zao la mahindi Written in Swahili by Dotto Kahindi


New Times Publication (Rwanda)

July 2015 Farmers urged to consider deploying insects against maize stem borer pests By: Michel Nkurunziza 


People Daily

 A daily newspaper in Kenya

Project to help ‘mountain growers’ adopt to climate change rolled out in Murang’a by Kage Njoroge


Jimma Community radio

 Friday 17th April in a program that aired for 50 minutes by Buzuayehu Girma.Jimma Community Radio airs in Jimma area and a radius of 100kms and broadcasts in the local Oroomiya language. 

The program focused on the process of developing the community-based climate change adaptation plan which has now been completed and is being implemented.





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